Your Style

Do You Know Your Innate Entrepreneurial Style?

Discover your entrepreneurial style with this 3-Minute Quiz and get a personalized Risk Tolerance and Readiness assessment to help you start the right business at the right time.


You Dream of a New Business and Freedom

One that you love and is the perfect fit for the life you want to create.

Right now, you feel burnt out and frustrated with the grind, climbing the corporate ladder with no real promise of a promotion or greener pastures.

But is working another 20 hours a week on your own business really the only solution?

Entrepreneurial models aren’t one size fits all; you need to find one that will energize and inspire you. But where do you start?


The Innate Entrepreneur Quiz

will reveal if your next move should be…

To Crush a Side Hustle

Understand what really lights you up, and how you can balance your passion to create for yourself with your existing full-time job.

To Go Boss Free ASAP

Determine your path to a successful full-fledged business with the right goals, KPIs, investments, and partners.

Maybe neither of these options are right for you yet, but you still feel misalignment in your career. That’s okay, there’s another path for you too.

After You Take the Quiz…

A personalized Entrepreneurial Style Assessment will be heading your way.

You’ll receive a personalized Entrepreneurial Style Assessment that includes:

Values Alignment

Insight on how to match your passions and interests with a new, viable career path.

Time Requirements

Outline detailing how much time you need to set aside to start your new business venture.

Business Model Fit

A clear business model that fits with your values, strengths, and capacity.
Let’s build you a business to create a life that is uniquely yours.