“Andrea is one of those speakers who shares practical information in approachable, engaging way. The time is filled with ah ha moments, and you are left with concrete actions you can apply to your work the next day. She’s a great addition to any conference.” – Michele Linn, VP of Content, Content Marketing Institute

I’ve seen first hand the power and promise of agile marketing, and I’m on a mission to share that potential with other marketers. Whether it’s the theoretical underpinnings of agility or a from-the-trenches implementation primer, I can cover agile marketing at whatever level suits the audience. I’m adept at longer, hands-on workshops as well as shorter breakout sessions running 30-45 minutes.

Whatever the subject matter, my talks empower marketers to get their hands dirty, start adopting an agile mindset, and make the switch to an agile approach before it’s too late.

Want to catch me in action? Here’s my upcoming schedule:

  • Business Agility 2017, February 23-24: 25-minute case study and group facilitation
  • South by SouthWest, March 10, 2017: 3-hour workshop on Agile methodologies
  • Intelligent Content Conference, March 28-30: 4-hour workshop on Agile Content Strategy

Recent speaking engagements include:

  • Digital Summit, Washington, D.C.
  • Intelligent Content Conference 2016
  • Content Marketing World 2016
  • Content Marketing Conference 2016
  • Front Range Agile Marketing Meetup

What people say about my presentations:

“Very actionable! Yay! And engaging!”
“Best session I’ve been in thus far.”
“Very clear & helpful presentation to help folks like us be more consistently productive.”
“Very practical, focused and helpful.”
“Really great and informative. Looking forward to implementing this approach in my organization.”
“Awesome ideas! Made simple and real-life.”
“Learned a lot of new things to bring back to my team”
“Love the example! Thanks for sharing your expertise!”

Looking for an experienced speaker to cover the emerging trend of Agile Marketing with poise and panache? Contact Andrea directly at andrea@foxcontentltd.com, or via the Contact page.

andrea speaking example 1
Andrea presenting at the Digital Summit in Washington, D.C.