Fox Content Services Ltd.

I am the Founder and Chief Content Office for Fox Content Services, where I use agile content marketing principles to drive content strategy and implementation for my clients.

Maximizing Existing Content

My previous work includes taking the helm of the 10-year old blog for SurveyGizmo. I performed an extensive content audit, identified four key personas, and devised a republishing strategy to maximize existing content resources.

The result was a more than 50% year over year increase in organic traffic to the blog:

surveygizmo blog traffic

Building an Audience From Scratch

Beginning in March of 2015 I managed the launch of a new content-driven site designed to reach marketers, a highly sought-after (and hard to reach) demographic.

Through an aggressive, 5x per week content production schedule I established the new site as a rising authority in the marketing space. As the chart below illustrates, we achieved long term success through free, organic traffic that converted to email subscribers at a steadily increasing rate over time.

email subscribers

The Agile Approach to Content Strategy

Fox Content advocates that our clients draw on agile methodologies to create their content strategies. This is a three-pronged approach:

  1. Persona Creation: We identify core values of our audience segments and rapidly begin producing content that’s meaningful the these individuals. Each release reveals more about our personas, allowing us to refine these components of our strategy as we move forward.
  2. Audience Journey: Once our audience has been identified, we consider the journey they’re likely to take prior to completing our desired action. This could be becoming a subscriber, making a purchase, or signing up for a demo.
  3. Content Mapping: We then combine the people with their journey to create multiple versions of our audience’s journey. Each stage of the journey requires content. The final step of the content strategy is to identify what pieces of existing content can meet our audience’s needs at a particular stage, and which personas at which stage are missing out on content.

This approach has proven both agile and cost-effective. If you’d like to explore its fit for your organization, I’d love to chat with you.