Am I supposed to be this tired?

Normally when my alarm goes off at 5am I’m good to go. I am (and have always been) the quintessential morning person, and early rising just isn’t that big of a deal to me. But today…ugh. Tired. So very tired. And sore. But mostly tired. Lest I come off as too complainy, let me tell…

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The Tribe Factor

One of the many reasons that people (including myself) think they ought not to work solo is that they need other people around. Even if those people are sometimes annoying, distracting, or infuriating, the argument goes, we need the gaze of other humans to push us forward. When a friend of mine asked me a…

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The absurd life of the self-employed

Right now I’m at a bar. It’s 4:08pm local time, and I’m on my second glass of wine (sure, it’s probably not the best time to be writing a blog post for my personal website, but hey, I live on the edge.) The people behind the bar are not like bartenders during peak hours. They’re…

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In search of the ceiling

A month ago I quit my job. A week ago I started trying to figure out exactly how much freelance content marketing work I need to complete to replace the very nice income that I nonchalantly abandoned. The answer, it turns out, is rather a lot. Being me, I made schedules and plans and calculations,…

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