Am I supposed to be this tired?

Normally when my alarm goes off at 5am I’m good to go. I am (and have always been) the quintessential morning person, and early rising just isn’t that big of a deal to me.

But today…ugh. Tired. So very tired.

And sore. But mostly tired.

Lest I come off as too complainy, let me tell you about the first few days of my week.

Everyday — every. single. day. — I get up at 5am and start work. I work from 5 to 6:30, when I hear my kids and the hubby start rustling around upstairs. Then it’s breakfast, clothes, and getting-out-the-door stuff for the next hour.

When they leave at 7:30, I throw on my 21 Day Fix DVD for a 30-minute workout, followed by the getting ready for the day routine of shower, makeup, clothes, plus making my weight loss/workout recovery smoothie. By 9am I’m back at my desk, and I work solid until 5pm (I usually leave the house at least once a day, either to visit a client, run an errand, or just take a walk).

Then it’s upstairs to start on dinner before the kids and hubby get home. The whirlwind of feeding two small kids, getting cleaned up, spending a few precious minutes with the family, and the time-honored bedtime song and dance take up the next 3 hours.

That’s tiring enough, but this week I’ve had two evening events that required me to fix dinner, inhale it in about 5 minutes, kiss the kids good bye (again) and run out the door. Then I went to¬†network (very draining for introverts such as myself), hear presentations about agility, and drag my tired ass home to bed.

Consequently, I’ve been feeling like butter spread over too much bread this week. I’m utterly tired to my marrow when I get home from these events, but there’s dishes and laundry and a spouse who need (and deserve) my attention.

How in the world am I supposed to manage all of this (said every working mother ever)?

Here’s the deal though: nobody is making me do this stuff.

Nobody made me quit my job to start my own business. There were no mobs with pitchforks demanding that I write a book proposal while juggling freelance writing clients and starting my new agile marketing website.

I wasn’t held at gunpoint and forced to take advantage of¬†these educational and networking opportunities. And there is certainly nobody following me around judging the state of my housekeeping (or lack thereof).

However intense she may be, the perky trainer from the 21 Day Fix wasn’t demanding that I finally make time to improve my personal fitness in the midst of all this other stuff.

I want to let myself feel the feels that come with this avalanche of daily demands, but it’s also purely self-inflicted. Somehow, that makes it better… I think.

Of course, that means I have no one else to blame for this unheard of level of weariness. At least I know where to find the culprit.

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